Quality safety environment

The management organisation of the company wishes to remain faithful to customers and to improve its performance.
Certified since 2001 according to ISO 1992 version 94 and 2003 according to ISO 9001 version 2000. Certified in 2004 according to the DT of the UIC to work on SEVESO highthreshold conservation areas, then in 2009 it changed to the secure MASE management organisation.
This system lets us choose and understand the programme and the handling of it, as far as quality and the customers’ needs are concerned.
This system gives a global image of the company to all the people involved : our customers, our suppliers, external organisations and internal colleagues.
It is a vital means of communication. SICMA is committed to organise the financial, technical and manpower aspects to reach its objectives as far as safety, environment and quality management is concerned.