Production lines

Workshop :

The surface area of the studio is of 2000m2 on a 5000 m2 area
with a production line of 3T5 and of 500kg for each work station.

Machine stocks :

Laser Bystronic center 1500 x 3000
Messer Oxycutting 2000 x 6000
Promecan wire cutters, length 3000 x 10
Bombled wire cutters length 2000 x 6
Bystronic synchronised press brakes 160kn length 3200
Proceman Press brakes 150 kn length 4200
Proceman rolling 3000 x 12 to 4 rolls
Picot rolling 3000 x 4 to 3 rolls
Vernet punching machine 32x19
Radial drilling machine, drill press
Cintreuse profil
Bandsaw and alternative
Fenwick fork-lift truck 4500kg and 6000kg
Double end polisher
Welding machine ARC from 160 to 800 amperes
Welding machineTIG from 160 to 450 amperes
Welding machine MIG/MAG from 250 to 450 amperes
Electroportable equipment (stack, drills, screwing machines...)
Lifting appliances (hoist, jack ...)

All our equipment conforms to standard and is checked every year.